FABPulous successfully closes series B funding round and begins commercial activities

Date: 04/02/2015

4 February 2015, Maastricht – Today FABPulous announced the successful closure of their €1.8m Series B funding round by undisclosed new investors as well as some of the current investors.

The funds will allow the commercialisation of the patented and CE-marked H-FABP True Rapid Test® for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) exclusion for risk stratification of patients in primary care and emergency medicine. The True Rapid Test concept is extremely simple to apply and uses a unique combination of rapid whole blood filtration and subsequent lateral flow immunoassay to provide an accurate result within 5 minutes. The device is disposable and there is no need for equipment, which allows the test to be completed by non- biomedical staff during the critical moment of the patient–doctor consultation at the point of care.

H-FABP (Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein, FABP-3) is abundantly present in cardiac myocytes and is released into the blood stream both earlier and in higher quantities than troponin during heart muscle ischemia caused by an AMI. Its absence, when used in conjunction with clinical signs and symptoms, offers a very high negative predictive value (NPV) of ≥ 98% in primary care settings. When the initial high sensitivity troponin laboratory result is added in the MACS rules based approach in the Emergency Department, the NPV increases to better than 99.5% (Body, 2014).

“The use of a 5 minute H-FABP test at point of care promises to reduce the number of patients at low risk of AMI being admitted for observation by 25–40% preventing unnecessary bed-blocking, reducing the exposure of patients to the medical and socio-psychological risks of hospitalization and offers substantial savings of financial and healthcare resources” says company CEO, Diederik Engbersen.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Michel Briejer of Thuja Capital added “The H-FABP True Rapid Test® is the type product that will have a major impact in the healthcare of tomorrow, which will be geared towards increased efficiency while retaining quality. By providing doctors with the right tools they can make better informed decisions. ”

Press releases can be found here in Dutch and English.