Hemics and DEMCON start HandScan development

Date: 22/04/2013

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, April 22, 2013 – Today, Hemics BV and DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics BV announce that they have started developing the HandScan into a commercial product. This non-invasive imaging system was developed by Hemics for monitoring the inflammatory status of Rheumatoid Arthritis (“RA”) patients. As part of the collaboration, DEMCON will be responsible for systems engineering, electronics, mechanics, optics and embedded software, while Hemics will remain in charge of the data algorithm, which translates the measurement results from the scanner into clinical information for rheumatologists. The two partners are facing the challenge of designing a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use and affordable device. Given that rheumatologists have to accept the device as part of their daily work, it is not only the illumination module that requires special attention, but the intuitive user interface and the industrial design as well.

The press releases can be found here in English and Dutch.