Onno van de Stolpe joins Supervisory Board of DCPrime

Date: 15/12/2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – DCPrime is proud to announce that Onno van de Stolpe, CEO of Galapagos, will join the Supervisory Board of DCPrime as an independent Director, as per December 15, 2010.

Mr. Van de Stolpe founded Galapagos in 1999 while he was Managing Director Genomics at Introgene (now Crucell). Prior to joining Introgene in 1998, he was Managing Director of Molecular Probes Europe. He established this European headquarters after joining Molecular Probes in the US. Previously, he worked for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in California, where he was responsible for recruiting biotech and medical device companies to locate in the Netherlands. Mr. Van de Stolpe started his career as Manager Business Development at MOGEN in Leiden. He received an MSc degree from the Agricultural University in Wageningen.

Ada Kruisbeek, CEO and CSO of DCPrime, said: “We are very pleased to have Onno join our Supervisory Board. Onno has built Galapagos from the very start into a successful mid-size biotech company today employing over 800 people. Galapagos is building its own product pipeline in addition to their profitable service business, and they have strategic alliances with 6 pharma companies, including Lilly, Roche, Janssen Pharmaceutica and GSK. He brings a wealth of experience and an impressive network to the Board. I look very much forward to working with Onno and would like to extend him a warm welcome.”

Onno van de Stolpe joins current Supervisory Board members Dr. Herbert Heyneker (independent), Leon Hooftman (independent) and Dr. Michel Briejer (representing Thuja).