Strategic Investment by SkylineDx in Cancer Vaccine Company DCPrime

Date: 29/10/2014

28 October 2014, Rotterdam & Leiden – SkylineDx, an innovative company in the field of genetic testing for blood cancers, announced today a strategic investment of an undisclosed sum in the Dutch cancer vaccine company DCPrime. The financing is designed to provide DCPrime with funding for the development of its technology platform and to take advantage of the synergies between the cancer companies.

Van Herk Investments, an investor with a long-term investment strategy and shareholder of SkylineDx, supports the investment in DCPrime financially.

The financing arrangement provides DCPrime with funding for the coming years, and will enable DCPrime to continue the development of its DCOne™ technology platform. This platform allows development of vaccines for application in both haematological as well as solid cancers. The collaboration with SkylineDx will particularly strengthen the position of both companies in developing non-toxic treatment alternatives for patients with haematological cancers.

As the strategies of both companies will be closely aligned, DCPrime has replaced the existing supervisory board members with Dharminder Chahal, CEO of SkylineDx. In addition, Marcel Zwaal, CEO of DCPrime, has decided to resign and pursue other career opportunities. Ada Kruisbeek, founder and CSO of DCPrime, will, together with COO Sandra van Wetering, continue to develop the company’s cancer vaccine pipeline.

“I am delighted with the opportunity to invest in DCPrime, a well-managed company with a highly innovative cell platform for cancer treatments and an early but promising product pipeline”, says Dharminder Chahal, CEO of SkylineDx. “The companies will remain operating independently, but will profit from each other’s vast expertise, network, knowledge of blood cancers and possible treatments.” Marcel Zwaal, CEO of DCPrime adds: “We would like to thank DCPrime’s supervisory board members for their excellent support over the past years. We are convinced that, with the backing of SkylineDx, the DCOne™ technology platform will be able to prove its value for patients in the coming years”.