Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund invests in DCPrime B.V.

Date: 20/09/2010

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Thuja Capital announced today that it has invested in cancer vaccine company DCPrime B.V.

Therapeutic cancer vaccine therapy is aimed at stimulating the patient’s own immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells. DCPrime has developed a unique platform technology consisting of allogeneic (non-self, standardized) dendritic progenitor cells (named “DCOne”) and a proprietary method to grow them into functional mature dendritic cells (DCs). These dendritic cells can subsequently be loaded with cancer recognition markers (antigens) to yield an off-the-shelf cancer vaccine.

The company was founded by Professors Ada Kruisbeek and Rik Scheper, both renowned cancer immunologists, as a spin off of the VU University medical center in Amsterdam in 2005. The current investment marks the first venture capital backed VU University spin-off company.

DCPrime will use the proceeds to start a first clinicals study in AML patients. The CCMO approval for this study was already obtained.

More information in the press release.