Thuja Capital starts new investment funds with a focus on medical product innovations

Date: 18/04/2014

18 April 2014, Utrecht – Thuja Capital today announced the successful first closing of two new investment funds: Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund II (TCHSF II) and Thuja Capital Healthcare Fund II (TCHF II). These two funds will operate hand-in-hand, and aim to invest in early-stage private companies in or near The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), that develop cost-effective, innovative medical products, with clear benefits for patients and medical professionals.

Michel Briejer, partner: “The technology behind a medical product is of secondary importance to us; what counts is the purpose of the product: our interest is in products that have the potential to importantly contribute to cure, care of prevention. Hence, it might concern a medical device, diagnostic, drug, but also medical food and supplements, devices to support care from a distance (eHealth), devices to promote therapy adherence, etcetera.”

Harrold van Barlingen, partner: “Thuja Capital has established a firm investment basis in medical product innovation, encompassing over 20 years of investment experience including our former funds, and a track record demonstrating both financial as well as societal return. With our new funds we will invest in product propositions regarding products that require (clinical) validation in order to demonstrate their added value to patients and medical professionals. Moreover, such products should be cost-effective and scalable.”

TCHSF II is as of now fully capitalised and operational. It concerns a seed fund that makes use of the Dutch government facility for seed funds, the so-called Seed Capital arrangement (more information here). This fund will invest exclusively in Dutch private companies. TCHF II is a fund that will invest private companies in or near The Netherlands and Flanders. Otherwise both funds have the same focus, with the difference that TCHF II can continue investing if TCHSF II is limited because of the rules of the Seed Capital arrangement. By working with both funds, Thuja Capital is able to support companies over a prolonged period of time.

TCHF II will be open to additional investors during a year, with the goal to close the fund at EUR 50M.