Thuja Capital’s Dr. Briejer and Prof. van Brummelen author book chapter

Date: 25/11/2008

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Dr. Briejer, Investment Director  and Partner with Thuja Capital and Prof. Van Brummelen, a seasoned drug development professional who is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Thuja have authored a chapter in the recently released new edition of the authoritative pharmaceutical medicine textbook “Drug Benefits and Risks: International Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology”.

The book chapter in question, Chapter 9: Drug Development, is a chapter describing the process and intricacies of drug development. For more details please be referred to the web.

Dr. van Barlingen comments: “The Thuja Capital team has a broad understanding of, and hands-on experience with, drug development, which helps tremendously in selecting realistic and attractive investment propositions, and subsequently to become succesful.”