For Entrepreneurs

Why work with us?

We have the know-how and network – within the Thuja Capital organization there is a wealth of know-how, experience and network highly relevant to your company’s ambitions. Developing a novel medical product is subject to complex regulatory guidelines and directives, dependent on whether it classifies as a medical device, food supplement, medicinal product or otherwise. We leverage our network and also devote significant time and energy ourselves to help young companies to care out a good and strategically optimal development plan which incorporates all necessary elements to become successful, and provide active and involved follow up in the years to come on the road to success.

Well connected to VCs and industry – Thuja Capital’s team has been active in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and investment communities for more than 20 years. We have established excellent contacts and a good reputation so that we can connect investee companies with international VCs as well as with large medical product companies.

We are approachable – we have met with numerous young companies, often well before incorporation, at the idea level. We do not shy away to help and provide open feedback on early-stage plans. We understand that for such young start-ups not all boxes can be ticked. We see early involvement as an opportunity. So please feel encouraged to contact us. You can find us frequently at the various meetings (see “Events”). Or you can call or email us.

How we work

  • We mostly act as a lead investor
  • We invest money in return for an equity stake – this is basically how all VCs work
  • Investments are tranched, and tranches are released upon accomplishing agreed milestones
  • We generally seek a second investor to co-invest with, preferentially with a complementary network
  • We take a seat as a director in the company’s supervisory board
  • We will not assume any operational role or responsibility, but we will offer hands-on support
  • We believe in a good working relationship, which is built on trust and mutual respect

We try to employ an open mind, and value flexibility and agility